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Malleable Penile Implants

Updated: Mar 5

By Dr. Raman Tanwar

Chief Andrologist, Urocentre, Jyoti Hospital, Gurugram, Haryana

Comparison of various malleable penile implants available in India by Dr. Raman Tanwar, leading Indian Andrologist
Comparison of various malleable penile implants available in India

Malleable implants offer distinct advantages over the inflatable penile implant in terms of the lower cost, no need of manual dexterity to operate and effectiveness of insertion in special situations such as ischemic priapism and as a salvage for infected prosthesis. Besides, mechanical failures with malleable prosthesis are very rare and that makes malleable implants an affordable long term solution for Indian patients.(1

We have five approved implants presently available in India,  namely the indigenous Shah’s Implant by Surgiwear, the Tube implant by Promedon, the ZSI 100 implant by Zephyr Surgical Instruments, the Rigi10 implant by Rigicon and the latest addition being the Tactra Implant by Boston Scientific.(Figure 1) These implants have been compared in Table 1 based on the information provided by the distributors and company representatives. 

Malleable Penile Implants Available in India compared by Dr. Raman Tanwar, Penile Implant Surgeon
Various Malleable Penile Implants Available in India

One of the main issues that patients anticipate with penile prosthesis insertion is the persistent erection. Concealability is a major concern for malleable implants and many patients prefer the malleable implants with memory simply because of this reason. Even though the Indian penile implant does not have memory, 90% patients find no difficulty in concealing this implant.(2) Bending the implant side by side to each other can help patients understand the memory of malleability and choose the correct options. 

One of the major challenges that penile prosthesis patients face is the lack of insurance cover. There is a huge variation in the level of support provided by medical insurance globally.(3) In such a scenario cost effectiveness of the implant plays a major role in patients’ decision making.

At this stage, there is no direct comparative study among these malleable prostheses in terms of clinical efficacy, mechanical durability or safety outcomes.(4) The implantologist should lay bare the intricacies of each implant and discuss the pros and cons of each device to empower the patient to make the correct decision. 

Lastly, as doctors we need to practice ethical use of penile implant as a last resort for the management of erectile dysfunction. With great power comes great responsibility and with the power that malleable implants offer to cure erectile dysfunction, the itch to offer implant as a primary therapy to patients who consult us with trust must be controlled.  

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